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Prime Audio Video plans, supplies and installs all needed components for the commercial application of digital signage or screens, installing a screen at the Point of Sale, or in other areas of the retail floor will send your Branding or Product message.

Digital screens are a great cost saving measure for our clients, as they can change the screen content quickly, 
upload new messages and adjust them as needed. You can manage content on your own, without a signage company, or, work with a professional to design your branding message.


Your computer system can be connected for ease of use.  Communicate with your customers in a relatable way, 
clearly displayed as a digital message, video, or commercial. Installing digital imaging screens will allow you to change and showcase a broad range of products, services, and options. This option is perfect for in-store product demonstrations, or displaying your daily deals or menus, with a quick click of the mouse on your integrated system.

24 hour access

Fully Equiped

Up to 15 Number

of People


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