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The best word to describe the way we now incorporate audio and video systems into our interiors is: Integration.  Gone are the days when we purchase systems or want to have free-standing units cluttering up the room. TV’s and bulky stereos with cords hanging down the back and finding a place to stand the speakers? Gone
Integrated Home Design is driving the need for a cleaner, more pleasing setup, so now a theater at home becomes more appealing than trekking the family out to the movies. 

Our focus is now on making everyone comfortable at home with exceptional visual and audio systems. 


Installations can be indoor or outdoor applications, in 3 season rooms, garages, and outdoor entertaining spaces. 

You can take the music outdoors, without taking the stereo with you. Incorporate all of your audio for the home with one convenient control-center…what kind of system can you envision? Prime Audio Video can do that too.

Latest Equipment

WIFI Connected

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